Press-release about international chemical exhibitions at Expocentre Fairgrounds: KHIMIA’2011, Chemmash. Pumps' 2011, Chem-Lab-Analyt’ 2011, Plastics Industry Show ’2011

On October 24-27, 2011 the exhibitions devoted to main trends and prospects of the chemical industry development were held successfully at the Expocentre Fairgrounds:

  • the 16th International Exhibition for Chemical Industry and Science – KHIMIA’2011
  • the 3rd Specialized Exhibition for Chemical Engineering and Pumps - Chemmash. Pumps’2011
  • the 3rd Specialized Exhibition for Analytical Equipment and Laboratory Furniture and Glassware – Chem-Lab-Analyt’2011
  • the 12th International Specialized Exhibition for Machinery and Equipment, raw materials and technology for Plastics Manufacture and Processing - Plastics Industry Show’2011

The exhibitions have completed the year 2011 declared by the U.N. 63rd General Assembly decision as the International Year of Chemistry. The shows were held with the official support from the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the assistance from the Russian Union of Chemists, the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, NIITEKHIM OAO, under the patronage of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Moscow City Government.

Opening the chemical exhibitions Denis V. Manturov, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade noted that due to the active government support, despite the crisis and post-crisis hard time, investment and innovation activities in the chemical industry had become more intensive in recent years: a number of chemical enterprises were brought into use; large-scale projects on the industry improvement were realized. Denis V. Manturov expressed confidence that exhibitions would help to demonstrate achievements and new developments in the chemical industry, and afford an opportunity to discuss topical issues and extend business relations and various instruments for economic co-operation as well.

The RF CCI provided all possible support to the shows using its administrative and information resources. In opinion of Igor A. Korotin, Director of the RF CCI Department for Exhibition, Trade Fair and Congress Activities one of the major tasks to hold these exhibitions is to create conditions for development of the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Estimating changes in the chemical industry for the period of two years since the previous Khimia exhibition, President of the Russian Union of Chemists Victor P. Ivanov said that for those years number of enterprises manufacturing chemical products had increased notably. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dean of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Chemical Department, Valeriy V. Lunin emphasized in his speech that quality of activities in any field of our society and the life quality directly depended on the level of personnel training.

The 19th Mendeleev Congress on general and applied chemistry held within the bounds of the Year of Chemistry revealed that there are young people in Russia able to develop the science. 1100 persons including 50% of young scientists took part in the event.

The DOW Company was a partner of the KHIMIA’2011 innovation programme. Oksana L. Pilatova, Director General of the DOW Company in Russia and the CIS, greeted her business partners – participants of the chemical exhibitions.

Many guests including power officials, representatives of the industrial and scientific chemical community participated in the opening ceremony as well.

For its professional status the KHIMIA International Exhibition is awarded the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) honorable logos. Participation of key Russian and foreign companies demonstrating a wide range of products proves the exhibition significance in the industrial event.

Advanced technologies, new engineering developments, raw materials and equipment for the chemical and petrochemical, food and medical industries, fuel and energy, and agroindustrial complexes were demonstrated on the exhibition space of over 28 000 sq. meters. Varnish-and-paint products, fuel, reagents, catalysts, chemical fibers, composite materials and glass-fiber plastics were displayed in pavilions. Recent achievements in the organic and microbiological synthesis, biotechnology as well as equipment for transportation of chemical and petrochemical products were exhibited at the show. Special attention was focused on issues related to resources conservation, ecological safety, environmental protection, personal protective equipment and information support to the chemical industry. This year 600 companies and organizations from 26 countries demonstrated their achievements at the KHIMIA’2011, Chemmash. Pumps' 2011, Chem-Lab-Analyt’2011 and Plastics Industry Show’2011 exhibitions. Companies from China, Finland, France and Germany displayed their national expositions.

It is necessary to note that over 50% of the exhibition participants were leading chemical enterprises practically from all Russian Federation regions. They were as follows: Kazanorgsintez, Kuibyshevazot, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Polyplast, Sibur Holding, Salavtorgsintez, Uralkhim and many others. It shows that the chemical industry in Russia is on the track of innovation development and modernization.

Such world large manufacturers of the chemical products as AKZO NOBEL, BASF, CRANE, DOW, EPC INGINEERING, KSB, HUNTSMAN, LANXESS, MOELLERS, SARTORIUS, SHIMADZU, SIEMENS, SOLVAY, TEIJIN, VARIAN, WOMA and others demonstrated their novelties.

The Chemical Engineering and Pumps - Chemmash. Pumps’2011 and Analytical Equipment and Laboratory Furniture and Glassware – Chem-Lab-Analyt’2011 specialized exhibitions became traditional ones in the calendar of events relating to the chemical industry and science.

Recent equipment, processing lines and plants to produce and process products of chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, gas-and-oil producing; metallurgy and coal industries as well as many other economy branches were exhibited at Chemmash. Pumps’2011. Specialists familiarized themselves with column and capacitive equipment, reactors, separators and centrifuges, mills and crushes, dispersing and mixing devices, grainers, furnaces, heaters, driers and heat exchange equipment.

A major part of the exposition embraced pump equipment; that is, pumps, compressors, filtration equipment, pipes and pipeline systems, locking and regulating valves. Visitors were able to become acquainted with weighing equipment samples, dosing systems, vacuum equipment, refrigerating equipment and cryogenic facilities as well as boilers, components, assembly units, spare parts.

A wide range of recent laboratory, control and test facilities to equip research, checkout test, ecological, sanitary, medical, agrochemical, training, factory laboratories as well as experimental production were showcased at the Chem-Lab-Analyt’2011 exhibition.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals, the consumable material high-clean organic solvents, extra-clean substances, test systems and standard samples took part in the show. Participating companies demonstrated the laboratories design and equipment; laboratory furniture and glassware; working clothes and personal protection facilities for the laboratory staff.

The Expocentre programme of shows relating to the chemical industry incorporated Plastics Industry Show'2011, the 12th International Specialized Exhibition for Machinery and Equipment, raw materials and technology for Plastics Manufacture and Processing. This event held since 2000 is one of the most significant and prestigious specialized exhibition forums in Russia and the CIS. In 2003 Plastics Industry Show was awarded the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUFF) logo, and in 2005 it was conferred the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Guild of Exhibition and Fair Organizations logo.

This year 69 companies from 6 countries that included China, Italy, Korea, Russia, Turkey and Taiwanexhibited their products on the exhibition space of 2 600 sq. meters.

All segments of the polymer market, from production to recycling, including machinery and equipment, moulds and attachments, polymeric materials, synthetic resins, raw materials and auxiliary materials, packaging, equipment for the polymeric wastes processing and recycling, plastic processing products: semi-finished and finished products were demonstrated at the Plastics Industry Show'2011.

The chemical exhibitions embraced as usual the saturated business programme of events. The programme gave a wide opportunity to communicate on the professional level and enabled to estimate the industry development trends. This year over 20 different conferences and seminars on the most topical industrial issues were held.

The exhibitions business programme of events comprised the following conferences: Polymeric Materials: Innovations of the 21st Century; Ecological Problems in the Polymers Production and Processing; Resource-Saving and Energy-Efficient Technologies for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries; Modern Technologies for Water Conditioning and the Equipment Corrosion and Scale Formation Protection; Current Trends in Production of Industrial of Paint-and-Lacquer Materials.

Role of Chemistry in Innovation Development of Russia and the CIS, the Scientific and Practical Conference arranged by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, NIITEKHIM OAO, the Russian Union of Chemists and Expocentre ZAO became an important event in the KHIMIA’2011 business programme. Representatives of Russian leading companies and enterprises of the industry, academic, sectoral and educational institutions took part in the Conference.

Issues related to the chemical complex innovation development as a whole, including raw materials supply, training specialists to work in the industry, foreign-economic integration within the bounds of Customs Union were discussed at the Conference.

The KHIMIA’2011 exhibition embraced the Centre of Science and Professional Education where a number of chemical universities and institutes demonstrated their expositions.

The Young Scientists’ Projects Contest was arranged by the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, the Russian Union of Chemists, the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology and Expocentre ZAO. It was the 5th jubilee Contest devoted to the International Year of Chemistry. Young scientists from 10 Russian leading universities submitted their projects. Summarizing the Contest results, five projects were awarded the first prize, and four entries won the second one.

Furthermore, the chemical exhibitions traditionally comprised the Best Exhibited Product Contest organized by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Union of Chemists, the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, Expocentre ZAO and Expo-biokhim-tekhnologii ZAO.

This year such major chemical concerns as Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat OAO, Kazanorgsintez OAO, Nizhnekamskneftekhim OAO, Orgkhim Biochemical Holding, Sibur Holding OAO and others have submitted 73 samples to the Contest. All the Contest participants were awarded diplomas and medals.

The KHIMIA’2011, Chem-Lab-Analyt’ 2011, Chemmash. Pumps' 2011 and Plastics Industry’2011 shows enabled many companies to sum up the past year results, familiarize themselves with the market development trends and draw plans for the future. According to the official registration data the exhibitions were attended by 21 120 visitors; 96% of them were specialists of the industry.

Expocentre invites you to participate in the following exhibitions relating to the chemical industry that will take place on October 23 – 26, 2012 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds: the International Chemical Assembly’2012: Green Chemistry; the 4th Specialized Exhibition, Chemmash. Pumps'2012; the 4th Specialized Exhibition, Chem-Lab-Analyt’2012 and the 13th International Exhibition, Plastics Industry Show’2012.

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