Digest (news catalogue of the Khimia 2023 exhibition for the period from 13 to 17 November 2023)

14 / 11 / 2023

The Khimia 2023 exhibition has finished its work, exhibitors summarise the first results, and visitors take home new contacts and contracts. Even preliminary results show that this year’s exhibition has surpassed the previous years in terms of attendance and activity. The majority of participants notes this. Another feature of this year’s exhibition is a wide presence of national pavilions, among them companies from India, China, and Belarus. In this issue, we introduce you to representatives of the Belarusian and Chinese chemical industry.

Joint stand of Belarusian companies: Khimia opens up great opportunities for promotion in the Russian market

The pavilion of Belarusian companies attracted great interest at the Khimia 2023 exhibition. Lakokraska OAO and Belwax presented their products to the visitors.

Lakokraska OAO, Lida. Marina Kholyavskaya, leading customer relations specialist at Lakokraska OAO, told about the novelties brought to Moscow and the tasks at the Khimia 2023 exhibition

Lakokraska OAO has existed for 57 years. During all these years, the range of products has been updated and expanded with new paint and varnish materials meeting modern operational and environmental requirements. In Belarus, the products are supplied to the enterprises of the Ministry of Industry, Bellesbumprom, the Ministry of Construction and Architecture, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Belarusian Railway, and trade organisations. More than 70% of the total output is exported to different countries: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, European and Asian countries.

“Our company has a very large range of products,” said Marina Kholyavskaya. “The basis is semi-finished products: phthalic anhydride and semi-finished varnishes for various productions, including the production of paint and varnish materials. We also produce paint and varnish materials for various purposes: for industry and retail consumers. We have a large full-cycle plant: from raw materials to the finished product.

“We brought new products to Khimia 2023. Environmental friendliness is the trend nowadays, and there is also a demand for fast drying materials. That is why today our company offers materials with high dry residue and minimum amount of solvent, which are used for painting metal structures. We also have DTM that dry within two hours.

“Lakokraska OAO has a representative office in Moscow and offers paint and varnish materials to all regions of Russia. Our main market is the Russian market.

“It is very interesting for us to take part in such large international exhibitions as Khimia 2023. It is here that you can personally communicate with your client, talk about co-operation, get feedback, and offer something new. It is a big platform for networking, where many business issues are solved. The exhibition opens up great opportunities for finding new suppliers, for discussing alternative raw material offers. Here suppliers offer many new types of raw materials. At this exhibition, we have already met representatives of companies from Russia, Uzbekistan, China, and India.”

Mineral Wax Plant OAO, Minsk region, Svisloch settlement

The history of Mineral Wax Plant began in 1961, when the first product, peat wax, was produced. Production of raw peat wax, model compounds, and release agents provided the whole former Soviet Union with the products. At present, the company is the only producer of paraffin, model compounds, paraffin emulsions, and protective waxes in the Republic of Belarus. Mineral Wax Plant is a major supplier of lubricants, lubricating and cooling technological materials, protective waxes, wax emulsions for woodworking, anti-caking agent for mineral fertilizers, as well as antiadhesive grease for construction.

Oksana Maslak, head of Marketing Department at Mineral Wax Plant, considers participation in Khimia a necessary condition for the promotion of products on the Russian market,

“Our company is engaged in the production of waxes and paraffin as well as wax emulsions. We are a monopolist in this field in Belarus. Our most exported product is highly purified candle wax. It is mainly used in the candle industry, as well as food-grade paraffin wax for coating cheeses, and for production of medicines. Now, as part of import substitution, Russian manufacturers are using our product as a hydrophobic raw material.

“Wax emulsion is also widely exported. It is used for the production of MDF, chipboard. The boards are coated with emulsion to prevent moisture swelling.

“These are our main products. In addition, we have a whole line of special-purpose oils. This year we have brought new products: transformer and turbine oil. We produce spindle oil AU for our enterprises in Belarus under the import substitution programme. Our oils are in demand at large machine-building enterprises such as MAZ, Minsk Tractor Plant, and others.

“It is impossible not to mention our model compounds, which the company has been producing since its inception for more than 60 years. Russian companies use them for precise casting.

“At the exhibition, we want to find new consumers of our products and go into new partnerships. Many visitors interested in our products came to our stand from different parts of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cherepovets, Chelyabinsk, and Volgodonsk. We hope to continue our co-operation in the coming year!”

Chinese enterprises are ready to supply the Russian market with the necessary chemical engineering products

The large pavilion of Chinese plants and factories did not go unnoticed by the specialists of the Russian chemical industry. After a two-year break, enterprises from the Celestial Empire returned to the exhibition in large numbers. Among them are such large enterprises as Xi'an Wonder Energy Chemical Co. Ltd and Guangdong Huana Chemistry Co.

Xi'an Wonder Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of chemical oil additives in China.

“Our company specialises in the development of fine chemical products, especially in refining and petroleum product additives,” said company representatives at the stand. “We have our own talented personnel and our own R&D centre, which allows us to develop new markets and conduct R&D more efficiently. At present, our company has developed high-performance catalytic additives for oil refining such as WD01-002 type crude oil demulsifier, cetane improver, 2-ethylhexyl nitrate, diesel pour point reducing agent, corrosion inhibitor, and imidazoline. Many of them have been included in the Torch Programme for the City and are selling well in mainland China and worldwide. In 2002, the company obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality system certificate. Most of our products are widely used in more than twenty refineries in cities and provinces such as Luoyang, Daxing, Hunan, Changning, Guangxi, Beihai, Qingdao, Shanghai, Gaoqiao, etc. We also export our product to other countries. We have received high praise from all customers.

Guangdong Huana Chemistry Co., Ltd. is a global professional chemical engineering company based in China. With its own R&D, manufacturing, purchasing, trading, marketing, Huana strives to become one of the world’s most competitive companies by providing customers with high quality products and customisable services. Since 1993, Huana has been committed to building a quality-oriented brand that dominates the emulsifiers (sorbitan esters and polysorbates) market segment. The annual production capacity is more than 50 thousand tonnes.

“Our products and services are in demand in more than 70 countries and regions,” said the company’s stand staff, “and we are becoming the partner of choice for global companies in a variety of industries including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, agriculture, environment, and many other sectors.”