On measures of state support for chemical industry

01 / 11 / 2023

The Khimia 2023 exhibition included events dedicated to the mechanisms and measures of state support for the chemical industry in Russia.

The strategic session on Development of Industrial Construction:  Shortening the Customer Journey Towards Creating New Production Facilities for In-demand Chemical Products was organised by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade with the support of the Chemical Industry Committee of the Russian public organisation Business Russia, the Centre for Strategic Research ANO, the Russian Chemists Union, EXPOCENTRE AO, and in partnership with Titan Group of Companies.

Opening the discussion, Olga Torbich, Deputy Head of the Development Space project at the Centre for Strategic Research ANO, spoke about the need to change industrial construction procedures and identify initiatives and problems in this area that have not been taken into account. According to the speaker, the system of individual procedures is extremely important for the chemical industry and is subject to control by the relevant state institutions.

As part of the initiative Reengineering the Rules for Industrial Construction of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, together with the Centre for Strategic Research Foundation, is carrying out consistent work to transform regulatory procedures in the industry.

The participants in the strategic session are representatives of the relevant departments of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Construction, the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow, and large R&D cities and companies. They discussed the needs of transformation of the investment and construction cycle of industrial projects, the peculiarities of working with them in specialty and medium chemistry, methods of technology selection in the light of the need to comply with various regulatory requirements and rules.

The importance of efforts to shorten the customer journey of all industry and business representatives who invest in the creation of new chemical production facilities designed to ensure technological independence of the Russian industry was noted. It is this approach that allows not only to significantly save resources attracted to the implementation of projects, but also to reduce the time of their start-up, to accelerate the satisfaction of demand for domestically produced chemical products.

The topic of support for the chemical industry was continued by a panel discussion of the Expert Council for the Development of the Chemical Industry under the State Duma Committee on Industry and Trade of the Russian Federal Assembly, which was held by Maria Vasilkova, State Duma deputy and Chair at the Expert Council. The participants discussed measures of state support and instruments of financing of the chemical industry.

The importance of the topic of financial support for the chemical industry was emphasised in the welcoming speech by Victor Ivanov, President of the Russian Chemists Union. He noted the significantly increased interest of the professional audience in the Khimia exhibition, as well as the high activity of exhibitors and visitors to the largest industry show this season.

Darya Shevyakina, Deputy Director of the Chemical Industry Department at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, presented an overview of the main approaches and tools to support chemical industry enterprises implemented by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Representatives of VEB.RF, Agency of Technological Development ANO, Russian Export Center, Skolkovo Centre, major credit and financial institutions, and major industry companies implementing industrial innovation projects, spoke about measures to support financing of projects in the field of chemistry.

The panel allowed representatives of the government, the chemical industry, and potential investors to exchange relevant information on attracting financial resources for creation of modern chemical production facilities in Russia.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO