Khimia 2022 sums up the results and outlines the direction of the industry for the coming year

28 / 11 / 2022

The 25th anniversary edition of the International Exhibition for the Chemical Industry and Science Khimia 2022 was held at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, with great success. Its traditional partners and co-organisers were the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Chemists Union, NIITEKHIM OAO, the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, the Chemistry Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event showed that all industry participants are very active right now and are interested in the further development of the industry. More than 200 companies from Russia, Belarus, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkiye presented their technologies, products and services in all sectors of the chemical industry.

The Russian chemical sector was represented by a long list of industry leaders such as PhosAgro, Bashkir Soda Company, Alliance Energy, Polyplast, SpetsKhimMash, Ecroskhim, Norchem, Krezol, Reatorg, Passatstal, Macromer, Krata, and many others.

“Participation in Khimia is always effective for the company and meets its interests as a major chemical producer. It is an excellent opportunity to hold business meetings, discuss industry development prospects, and find joint solutions to pressing issues facing the Russian industry today as part of strengthening its technological sovereignty. We congratulate Khimia on its 25th anniversary and wish it long, fruitful years of life!,” says the management of Bashkir Soda Company.

R&D and design companies also took an active part in the show. The projects presented by Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, the Russian Research Center of Applied Chemistry of the Rostec State Corporation, Skryabin Institute of Microbial Biochemistry and Physiology, Grebenschikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry, and Tver State University deserve special attention.

"We are constantly developing new technologies with subsequent pilot production for all areas of the industry. As a research center, we are ready to offer the market new high-tech products capable of replacing imported counterparts. The ratio of affordable price and high quality is our main criterion," says Elena Kozlova, CEO at the Russian Research Center of Applied Chemistry.

The geography of Russian exhibitors has significantly expanded thanks to the support of regional business development centres. Companies from the Kaluga, Leningrad, Tula and Yaroslavl Oblasts and Stavropol Krai presented their products at their regional group stands. For the first time, group stands were also arranged for the Republic of Mari El and the Vladimir and Omsk Oblasts.

At the Khimia 2022 official opening ceremony, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Mikhail Ivanov emphasised that the chemical industry was a marker of modern economic development, “It is one of the fastest growing areas in the Russian industrial complex with an annual growth rate exceeding 6%. The share of chemistry in the manufacturing sector is over 12%. Today we are forced to operate in a very restrictive environment. Even so, the Russian chemical industry is resilient. In the first eight months of 2022, we shipped products worth nearly 5.5 trillion rubles, which is almost a third higher than last year's figures.”

Chair at the Expert Council for Development of the Chemical Industry of the Russian State Duma Maria Vasilkova noted that Khimia 2022 was a traditional meeting place for manufacturers and consumers of chemical products, developers and suppliers of advanced equipment, “It is nice to see here that most market players remain optimistic in spite of a large number of problems and challenges. Together, we have set up the Expert Council for the Development of the Chemical Industry, whose main task is to modernise the current industry legislation.”

President of the Russian Chemists Union Viktor Ivanov congratulated Khimia and the Russian Chemists Union, which both were celebrating the 25th anniversary, “Khimia is always a celebration for us, an opportunity to meet face to face and discuss relevant issues. As you know, Khimia was the first international exhibition in the USSR. Since then it has retained its status as a major international forum for the chemical industry. As part of the exhibition, we hold annual meetings of the Union and our Moscow International Chemical Forum.”

Conference programme

The Khimia conference programme covered a wide range of topics and gave industry representatives an opportunity to strengthen their business ties. It featured more than 30 events dedicated to technological sovereignty and development of the Russian chemical industry in the new realities, state support for chemical companies, application of innovative materials, environmental issues, and other important topics.

The centerpiece event of Khimia 2022 was the 10th Moscow International Chemical Forum, which opened with the Plenary Discussion on the Technological Sovereignty and Development of the Russian Chemical Industry in the Current Economic Realities. Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Mikhail Ivanov offered an overview of the current state of the Russian chemical industry. Other participants of the discussion were Head of the Russian State Duma New People Fraction Alexey Nechaev, First Deputy Chair at the Russian State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education Aleksandr Mazhuga, Chair at the Expert Council for Development of the Chemical Industry of the Russian State Duma Committee for Industry and Commerce Maria Vasilkova, CEO at Gazpromneft Industrial Innovations Mikhail Nikulin, Managing Director at Sberbank Natalia Ermakova, and my others.

The forum included Industry Sessions on Chemistry for Road Construction, Chemistry for the Housing and Utilities Sector, and Chemistry for Farmers.

Another event was the Panel on the Development of the Chemical Industry in Russian Regions, organised with support of NIITEKHIM OAO. The event was moderated by Deputy Executive Director of the Russian Chemists Union Leonid Freiman. The participants discussed opportunities and prospects for the chemical industry under sanctions, presented breakthrough chemical and petrochemical production projects and measures for their support by federal and regional authorities, as well as new engineering centres in the regions and ensuring technological safety in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

The Panel on the Mechanisms for Forming and Implementing Industrial Policy in the Chemical Industry was organised with participation of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Director at the Department of Chemical and Technological Complex and Bioengineering Technologies of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Mikhail Yurin spoke in detail about the import substitution plan for 2022-2024 that the ministry was preparing, which included projects that the government had identified as top priority.

Another event of the Moscow International Chemical Forum that attracted the attention of industry professionals was the Chemical Triathlon, which included three parts: the Digital Track: Accelerating the Digitalisation of Enterprises, the Logistics Track: New Trends in Chemical Logistics, and the Environmental Track: Answers to Today’s Eco Challenges. Representatives of SIBUR, Uralchem, Apatit, and Sberbank spoke about digital transformation at their companies. During the Logistics Track, the experts discussed the specifics of chemical supply chain turnaround to the East, and safety and quality issues of chemical logistics in the new realities. The main topics for discussion in the Environmental Track were projects for decarbonising chemical companies, tools for developing the environmental efficiency of a chemical company, and the general dynamics of the climate agenda in Russia.

The Russian Association of Robotics (RAR) organised the first Panel on Robotisation of the Chemical Industry. The speakers pointed out that the main objective of robotisation is to create comfortable working environment for humans and to free them from 3D Dirty, Dangerous, Dull Jobs.

The general meeting of members of the Russian Chemists Union was dedicated to the Union’s 25th anniversary and had a special festive mood. Director General of EXPOCENTRE Alexey Vyalkin congratulated the delegates on behalf of the company. Traditionally, the meeting summed up the results of the 5 Stars. Leaders of the Chemical Industry competition and hosted an award ceremony.

The 4th International Tank Container Forum brought together experts on the final day of the show. The event was attended by representatives of foreign and Russian tank container operators, Russian manufacturers of machinery and tank containers, traders, owners of repair depots and washing and steaming stations.

On this day, the Moscow International Chemical Forum also covered the HR issues of the industry. The Panel on a Modern Chemical College: Success, Tasks, Challenges and the Session on Career Boost were devoted to the career programmes of leading chemical companies and the search for young professionals.

The Khimia exhibitors and visitors said they managed to identify and solve a large number of tasks during these four days full of events and meetings. And, most importantly, they set the direction of development for the coming year.

Khimia 2022 is over but you can already book a stand at its 26th edition which will take place at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russian, from 30 October to 2 November 2023.