Polyplast presents a range of reagents for industrial water treatment systems

08 / 11 / 2022

Polyplast is Russia's largest holding company for the production of components in the field of industrial chemicals. At the Khimia exhibition the company has presented a wide range of high-tech chemical products of its own design for various industries, having made an emphasis on a product line for water treatment. Alexander Korotenko, a representative of Polyplast, spoke in more detail about the products and the first results of the exhibition.

- At this year's Khimia, we are presenting our own developments for various industries - construction, paint and varnish, leather, textiles and household chemicals. Our stand showcases technological additives for pelletising in the mining and metallurgical industries, functional additives for oil production, technological additives for cement production, modifying additives for gypsum production, specialised chemicals for synthetic detergents, special anti-freeze additives for bulk goods, a set of products for the construction industry.

But special attention has been paid to the product range for water treatment, reagents for industrial water treatment systems. And also high-performance dispersing agents for the paint, textile, leather and other industries.

- Why did you decide to single out this particular segment while having a very wide range?

- We believe that this is a promising area today. Previously, water treatment products were purchased from European manufacturers, but now the situation has changed. We have analysed the market and the main supplier at the moment is China. But cooperation with China requires compliance with certain conditions, plus very long delivery times. And by working with a Russian manufacturer, you can get more favourable conditions. We are constantly monitoring the water treatment chemicals market and there are good prospects. There are many different products in this field but so far we have launched production of antiscalants, scale inhibitors. We have samples of this range on our stand.

- Polyplast is a regular exhibitor at Khimia, how do you rate the results of your participation this year?

- Firstly, we are pleased to take part in the anniversary exhibition, it creates a special mood. Secondly, we have seen a great interest in our company from the visitors. Our company's specialists not only consulted on the technological nuances and methods of using special chemical compositions, but also gave recommendations on the economic efficiency of their use. In general, it seems to us that the number of visitors this year is much higher. On the first day alone, dozens of people visited our stand and five of them were specifically interested in our line of water treatment products. The second and third days of the trade show were particularly active. There were customers with whom we already work in household chemicals and supply dispersants, but there were also brand new ones, contacts with whom I hope to continue.