Feedback from the Khimia 2022 participants

03 / 11 / 2022

Mikhail Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation:

- The impression is very positive. We can see that despite the difficult situation the chemical industry is facing today, companies are bringing out new products, have new ideas and new directions for development. It is very important now to make use of such a period so that the niches that are being vacated are already occupied by Russian products.

At the show, we looked at both end product producers and those providing them with raw materials today, discussing the current situation and the support mechanisms that can additionally be used to ensure that these products see the light of day as quickly as possible.

Victor Ivanov, President of the Russian Chemists Union:

- Every year the exhibition shows us something new, especially today, when we are closely involved in import substitution. Even a small look at this exhibition shows that import substituting products and technologies are emerging.

We have held an international chemical forum, which is held annually as part of the Khimia exhibition. I am pleased to note that today, in addition to our traditional partners, the State Duma has joined our work. We should make the most of the opportunities provided by this venue. And the Russian Chemists Union is always ready to lend a hand in solving various issues.

Alexander Kalugin, Deputy Chief Engineer of Phosagro:

- Phosagro is a regular Khimia exhibitor. This is our core exhibition. We always look forward to attending it, making new contacts and maintaining old ones. Some of the main European exhibitors did not come for obvious reasons, but on the other hand, Asian companies (Indian, Iranian, Chinese) showed themselves. Belarus is also very actively participating. Therefore, we are happy to take part in this exhibition and hope for promising contacts.

Valentina Shevchenko, CIS Development Director at Asos Process Engineering:

- Khimia has always a very important impact, especially when it comes to getting to know potential customers and introducing them to our products and range of services. This is the fifth year we have participated in this exhibition. After each show, contracts are signed. Our main customers are fertilizers producers, plants and chemical enterprises.

There were situations when we and a customer had found each other, but the customer didnt know about us as a Turkish supplier, and we didnt know about his needs. And participation in the exhibition and meeting each other allowed us to conclude contracts and carry out projects. We take part in Khimia every year and are planning to take part in it next year as well.

Pavel Mynkin, Development Director at Reatorg:

- Once again, Reatorg participates in the Khimia industry exhibition. At this exhibition, we were able to show not only new equipment, which we brought especially for display, but we were also able to see many representatives of other industries - pharmacists, microbiologists, food industry professionals. There is a solution for each of them. We hope that participation in this exhibition will provide fruitful ground for a whole year for mutual cooperation and the strengthening of relations with our new partners.