Atlas Petro: highquality chemical raw materials and excellent service

02 / 11 / 2022

Atlas Petro, an Iranian company with 35 years of experience in international business, aroused great interest among the visitors to the Exhibition. The Company specializes in the supply of petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, polymers, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Branches of the Company successfully operate in Turkiye and Kazakhstan.

Pavilion 2, Stand 22E85

At the Atlas Petro stand, the visitors to the Khimia 2022 Exhibition were presented with samples of high-quality products: methanol, ethyl alcohol, aniline, xylene, ethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, and much more.

"We specialize in supplying petrochemicals, polymers, industrial chemicals, and aromatic hydrocarbons," -- representatives of the Company said, -- "Our mission is to provide customers with the best conditions and quality products. At this Exhibition, we mainly present chemical raw materials for various industries, including food, construction, and textiles. Our polymers are also widely used in industry.
Our strength is the B2C business model, which we have successfully applied. We guarantee to provide the best products to every customer while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our entire team is highly qualified and committed to providing excellent service."

Atlas Petro offers not only a wide range of industrial chemicals and petrochemical products, but also a whole range of engineering services for the design, production of equipment and construction of oil and gas facilities. The Company's engineers have all the competencies for the successful implementation of the project in any country in the world.