Feedback from the Khimia 2021 exhibitors and visitors

11 / 11 / 2021

Boris Levin, Deputy Chief of Staff for the CEO of PhosAgro:

 PhosAgro participates in all the Khimia exhibitions. And in the year of the company's 20th anniversary, we could not miss it. The exhibition has taken place and is running very intensively, with a busy conference programme. There is an opportunity to communicate directly without screens and remote communication, to discuss topical issues. We are always happy to participate in the Khimia exhibition and support the efforts of the organisers to ensure that it is as high level as ever.

Pavel Mynkin, Development Director at REATORG:

REATORG traditionally took part in the Khimia 2021 exhibition. We promptly opened our stand and showed our equipment. This year our company celebrated its 10th anniversary and many of our customers came to the exhibition to see new products, obtain additional materials and plan their future production or laboratory. Evaluating the composition of the Khimia exhibition participants, we can now say with certainty that a huge number of diverse companies, including state-owned ones, are represented there, covering almost all areas of the chemical industry in our country.

Thomas Stenzel, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf Moscow:

58 years ago, our company came to the exhibition for the first time. The two companies EXPOCENTRE and Messe Düsseldorf met. The Khimia exhibition is an important event for the Russian industry. The slogan Peace - Friendship Freundschaft was the origin of Khimia. The chemistry industry is important for the future of Russia. Thank you for opening and holding the exhibition at this difficult time.

Elena Kosova, Head of Information Department at KuibyshevAzot:

Khimia is one of the most important exhibitions for us. We take part in it almost all the time. It is an opportunity for specialists to network, to learn something new, to meet their colleagues. There is no substitute for personal contacts. The exhibition offers very good events as part of its conference programme, especially the Chemical Forum, where one can also learn a lot.

I would like to express my gratitude to EXPOCENTRE AO and the Khimia exhibition management for giving us the opportunity to participate under the current conditions and minimising all our possible losses.

Vladimir Gorkovsky, Projects Head at Quadra Logic AO:

This is the first time we have taken part in an event of this scale, such as Khimia 2021. We have a pleasant impression of the event. We have already managed to get some leads in the areas we are presenting here. The work is in full swing. There are a lot of visitors, including those from the regions.

Olga Maskalyuk, Executive Director at T&T CARBON:

This is the second time we have participated in the Khimia exhibition as part of the Leningrad region's stand. The most important thing is to exchange opinions, find customers and new suppliers of raw materials. Last year we showed only the beginning of our developments. These were heating elements based on fabrics of flexible structures. Today we are already showing products with these materials, which were tested this summer. We have established contacts with a major supplier. And, of course, the circle of communication, connections and contacts has expanded. Khimia is an opportunity for us to show our growth. With each exhibition we expand our range of products and new working contacts.

Anna Yakovleva, Head of Sales Department at ECROSKHIM:

We are very pleased that the Khimia exhibition has taken place. There were many visitors from different cities. The exhibition is a good way to showcase new products, meet old customers and find new ones. Khimia is ideally suited for this. We are very proud that for the first time we are able to exhibit our new XRF analyzers, spectrometers and fractometers. They are one of a kind made in Russia and have no competitors in terms of price/quality ratio. We would like to thank all participants and organisers for making the exhibition possible.

Yuri Litvinov, Assistant Head of the State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology:

The exhibition is growing, and we are growing with it. It's a great opportunity to present your institute, your progress, your products, to gain important new contacts, and to grow and progress together.

Evgeniy Makhov, Deputy Director General for Business Activity at NORCHEM:

Khimia 2021 highlighted the importance and necessity of meetings with partners and showed how valuable the communication between supplier and consumer is. The exhibition is short. But this in no way diminishes its value; on the contrary, it emphasises the importance of every minute of being there. NORCHEM is a regular exhibitor at the trade show and invites everyone to visit the stand next year as well. We are happy to meet you and wish you fruitful contacts, not only now, but also in the future.

Oksana Zheltoukhova, Head of the Public Relations at Bashkir Soda Company:

Bashkir Soda Company is one of the largest chemical companies in Russia. We supply our products to 87 countries around the world. Our participation in the Khimia exhibition has been a tradition for more than 10 years. We used to exhibit once every two years. But we have already decided to exhibit at this show every year. We kindly invite you to visit our stand next year. It will be even bigger and more interesting at Khimia 2022.