The most important problems of the industry are discussed at the 8th Moscow International Chemical Forum

27 / 10 / 2020

The supporting programme of Khimia 2020, the International Exhibition for Chemical Industry and Science, which opened today at EXPOXENTRE Fairgrounds, started with the 8th Moscow International Chemical Forum. This largest convention event of the industry, attended by leading companies of chemical and petrochemical market of Russia, is organised by the Russian Chemists Union, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and EXPOCENTRE AO. 

This year, the central theme of the Forum, which was addressed at the Plenary Session, was "Competitiveness of the Russian chemical industry in the new economic reality, overcoming the consequences of the coronary crisis".

The moderator of the Plenary Session, Viktor Ivanov, President of the Russian Chemists Union, outlined a number of tasks and problems that are most acute today. According to him, Russian chemical products are available in almost all world markets. But these are mineral fertilisers, rubbers, polymers, and our country still purchases highly organised chemical products of the fifth and seventh conversions - catalysts, various oil additives, chemical fibres, etc. Today Russias export amounts to 25 billion dollars and import - to 26-27 billion dollars, including strategically important products, the volume of which reaches almost 100%. And it cannot but worry, said the RCU President.

He gave an example of fine chemicals, the development of which is constantly hampered by the lack of flexible technologies. According to him, it is necessary, to actively invest in chemical science and training of industry personnel. Today there are not enough scientific centers that could develop modern technologies for chemical industry, said Viktor Ivanov.

Head of the Department of Chemical Industry of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Darya Shevyakina said that today the chemical industry in Russia is represented by more than a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises and more than 10 thousand small businesses. The total employment in the chemical complex reaches 580 thousand people. According to the results of the last five years, investments into fixed capital of the chemical industry amounted to 3.3 trillion rubles. During the same period 72 new investment projects were implemented and new capacities created. The total volume of investments for these projects was about 300 billion rubles. Over 7500 highly productive workplaces were created. And till 2030, according to the developed plan, starting from 2014 about 200 new investment projects with the total volume of investments more than 1 trillion rubles should be implemented. 

Dmitry Kurochkin, Vice-President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, told in details about support of domestic enterprises in the field of chemistry and petrochemistry through the system of chambers of commerce and industry covering not only all regions of Russia, but also 40 foreign countries. In particular, he stated that the main thing in the development of chemistry today is science and human resources. Almost all science cities have their own chambers of commerce and industry, which over the past two or three years have signed agreements with city administrations, scientific institutions on the implementation of a number of projects aimed at improving the efficiency of production and competitiveness of industry enterprises, said Deputy Head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

During other presentations, the participants of the Plenary Session discussed the state and prospects of the chemical products markets, recent changes in demand for products and technologies, the EAEU technical regulations "On safety of chemical products". The experts evaluated domestic and foreign technological novelties to improve efficiency and environmental safety of chemical production. Attention was also paid to international cooperation in the post-pandemic environment, promising niches for export and joint production, potential for training of managerial and scientific personnel for the industry. 


Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO