VR/AR Area at Khimia2019

17 / 09 / 2019

2019 sees a VR/AR area called VR/AR Technologies for the Chemical Industry Area specially organised at the Khimia exhibition for the first time. Over 3 days the area is presenting various events showcasing VR/AR technologies for the chemical manufacturing sector.

The programme of supporting events of the VR/AR area was opened with a panel discussion where various aspects of application and management of the VR and AR technologies in production were addressed. Russia's leading designers of VR/AR technologies for the industry put on display their most popular solutions and answered questions about their applicability to production facilities of the chemical and oil-refining sectors.

The round-table discussion was followed by a conference Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies for the Chemical Industry.

Leaders of the sector such as CROC, VR Concept, Modum Lab and Teslasuit demonstrated their cases of devising and introducing VR-trainers at production facilities of various branches of the chemical industry.

The designers noted that among other things VR/AR solutions for production are created and used by enterprises to raise the efficiency and safety of the production process. The technologies enable to train employees in a more effective way, showing them specific features of the production technology, and training them how to repair equipment and act in normal working conditions and in case of an emergency. This type of solutions is enjoying growing popularity because they enable to carry out remote maintenance and repairing of sophisticated equipment.

The website of the exhibition is https://www.chemistry-expo.ru/


Press Service, Expocentre AO