List of exhibitors 2017

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Exhibitor Country Pavilion Booth Branch Sector Description
AARTI INDUSTRIES LIMITEDINDIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C73Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, PetrochemistryAarti Industries Ltd is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporters of speciality chemicals: Plasticizers, Perfumery chemicals, Refinery Chemicals, Food ingredients, Dye intermediates, Active Pharma ingredients, surfactants etc. Aarti are keen to promote Refinery chemicals, Rubber antioxidants, Plasticizers, Perfumery chemicals, Basic dyes etc. in Russia.
AKZO NOBELNETHERLANDS, RUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C75Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
APIX ANALYTICSFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12110Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analytAPIX Analytics develops and manufactures a new generation of miniaturized multi-gas analyzers out with conventional technologies for industrial or environmental applications.
ARMTORG.RURUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 1ServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portals
ATAIREUPLIC OF MOLDOVAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D60Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
AUMUND FOERDERTECHNIK GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B51Mining and chemical industry, mineral raw materialsChemistry, PetrochemistryAUMUND FOERDERTECHNIK GMBH (AUMUND Group) is particularly well-known for its abrasive and hot materials handling equipment as well as for top product quality, economical and customized solutions.
BARRIQUAND TECHNOLOGIES THERMIQUESFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12115Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Heat exchange solutions based on plate & tubular technologies with applications across (petro)chemical, agro-, paper, heavy industry, biofuels, waste water treatment and other heat recovery processes.
BEST ENERGY EQUIPMENT (TIANJIN) COMPANY LIMITEDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121G34Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
BÖRGER GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C74Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Börger GmbH is one of the biggest manufactures of stationary and mobile rotary lobe pump aggregates. The company was founded in 1975 in Borken-Weseke, Germany. Börger rotary lobe pumps successfully works in different industries with high viscous, abrasive and aggressive liquids. Our company has subsidiaries and sales partners all over the world for providing for our customers an excellent, fast and personal, localized service.
BRILLIANCE(TIANJIN)INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22276Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryWe are mainly products are sodium sulphide, sodium hydrosulphide, formic acid ,sodium formate,sodium thiosulfate, barium sulfate, ammonium chloride, barium chloride,calcium carbide, caustic soda etc
BROYEURS POITTEMILL INGÉNIERIEFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E11Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Engineering
BUSINESS FRANCEFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12115ServicesConsulting and research; investment servicesBusiness France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France
CCPIT SUB-COUNCIL OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRYCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E50-22E80Services
CHINA JIANGSU INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC-TECHNICAL COOPERATION GROUP LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22269Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Wastewater treatment, conditioning and purificationNational owned Company, found in 1985, turnover 3.5 Billion annual. Main Business: Chemical and Agrochemical, water treatment, Petro chemical, Oil field chemical , fertilizer and Snow melting agent
China National Chemical Information CenterCHINA22E16
CMIFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12114Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.CMI specialises in the conception and manufacture of filters, columns and tubular heat exchangers in high alloy steel, Urea grade, Nickel alloy and titanium for use in corrosive environments.
DECHEMAGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12171ServicesCorrus
DE DIETRICH PROCESS SYSTEMS GMBHGERMANY, CHINA, FRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B78Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Engineering
DESCOTEFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12113Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Descote develops valve solutions for hazardous applications of the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industry involving halogens.
DJK-ENERGY HOUSTON INC.USAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121A40Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
DOW EUROPE GMBHSWITSERLANDPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C70Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
EPC ENGINEERING & TECHNLOGIES GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D31Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastics Industry Show, Green Chemistry, Innovations and advanced materials, Services
FOREMOST INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION CO., LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121G40, 21G34, 21G30, 21F64, 21F60, 21F54,21F50, 21F44, 21F40ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
GEMÜGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
GEROLDINGER GmbHAUSTRIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.The Austrian company Geroldinger is one of the leading experts in logistics of complex bulk materials (storage, discharging, dosing and transportation). Geroldinger systems are designed for a wide range of materials, including cohesive, anisotropic, elastic, hygroscopic. The company's technologies are especially effective when working with such materials, discharging which conventional systems have difficulties. This, for example, urea/carbamide with ammonium sulfate, calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, urea with various nutrients and so on. All services from design to turnkey installation are carried out directly by Geroldinger.
GKDGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F65Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Technical Weavers for Process Belts in Filtration and Separation
GKM SIEBTECHNIK GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C75Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.The company GKM is technical market leader in fine and ultrafine industry for Tumbler Screeners, Vibrating Tumbler Screening Machines, Controll screeners, Laboratory Air-jet and Shaker Sieves and can offer you fine separating of any dry bulk materials.
Greentech International (Zhangqiu) Co., Ltd.CHINA22E35
HAESAERTS INTERMODAL RUSSIARUSSIA, BELGIUMPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B45ServicesChemistry, PetrochemistryFor more than 50 years, Haesaerts Intermodal has been dedicated to transportating gases and liquids for the chemical industry in tanks. We have improved on transportation costs and productivity since 1968, by introducing our own specialised equipment for intermodal transport, and by developping a multimodal system throughout the European continent.
HANGZHOU JINGHANG BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22261Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryOur company is one of Chinese professional companies supply and produce crop protection products, special strong in imazamox, tribenuron-methyl, glyphosate, acetamiprid,thiamethoxam, and so on.
HANGZHOU ZHIXIN CHEMICAL CO, LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22261Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, Petrochemistry
HPD PROCESS ENGINEERING S.A.U.SPAINPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121A15Raw materials and auxillliaries,ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Wastewater treatment, conditioning and purificationVeolia Water Technologies specializes in water treatment solutions and provides the complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.
HEBEI CHENGXIN CO.,LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22256Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryOur company is one of the largest production base of Cyanide in China,we developed more than 60 kinds of products.we have more advantage to supply our products with good quality and competitive price.
HEBEI MEDIPHARM CO.,LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22278Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryHebei Medipharm Co.,Ltd, mainly products are activated carbon series which are special used for waste gas and wastewater treatment and other purification(gas,water) treatment chemicals.
HENAN QINGSHUIYUAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22263Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryEstablished in 1995.Leading Manufacturer and Exporter for Phosphonates and Polymers in China. Capacity: 60,000mt phosphonates & 20,000mt polymers per year.
HONGYE HOLDING GROUP CORPORATION LIMITEDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22273Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryOur group produce Thiourea , Thiourea Dioxide , Sodium Percarbonate , Furfural , Furfuryl Alcohol , Coalescing agent Alcohol Ester 12, Plasticizer Alcohol Ester 16, 2-Methyl Furan and etc.
HUBEI JINGHONG CHEMICAL CO.,LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22258Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryWe are the leading manufacturer & supplier of Emamectin benzoate, Acrolein, Glutaraldehyde, Methyl vinyl ether, Ethyl vinyl ether, n-butyl vinyl ether, isobutyl vinly ether, Poly(n-butyl vinyl ether),
ICL EUROPEGERMANY, NETHERLANDS, ISRAELPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D12Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastics Industry Show, Wastewater treatment, conditioning and purification
INTERNATIONAL PROCESS PLANTS (IPP)USAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B05Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.International Process Plants and Equipment (IPP) is the world leader in the buying and selling of second-hand industrial process plants, process systems & process equipment.
IRO GROUP INC.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E28
JIANGSU EVERGREEN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E65Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryJiangsu Evergreen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading chemical manufacturer dealing in: 1.Poly-monomers as Cross-linkers, 2.Plastic Auxiliary Agents and 3.Oil Refinery Additives.
LIAONING BIOCHEM,LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E65Raw materials and auxillliaries, Green chemistryChemistry, Petrochemistry, Industrial biotechnologies
LIAONING KELONG FNE CHEMICALS CO, LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E71Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryWe are a leading manufacturer based on ethylene oxide and the TOP 3 manufacturer of polycarboxylate concrete admixture in China. Our products have been widely used in daily, coating, construction,etc.
LIAONING TENGYUCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E72Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, Petrochemistry
LUXI CHEMICAL GROUP CO.,LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D75Raw and auxiliary materials,Machinery, equipment and instruments, finished productsChemmash. Pumps, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Engineering, Innovations and advanced materialsWith total assets of nearly RMB 22 billion and more than 13,000 employees,the company mainly proof equipments and chemical research duces five series products in more than 50 varieties,
MARKERT GRUPPEGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F65Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Manufacturer of filters, hoses and couplings
MASCHINENFABRIK KÖPPERN GMBH & CO.KGGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.From its beginning in the year 1898, Maschinenfabrik Köppern GmbH & Co. KG has developed into a well-experienced medium-sized enterprise offering specialized equipment all over the world. Among its range of products and activities the development and fabrication of roller presses are to be found as well as engineering services for complete roller press-containing plants. Köppern roller presses are intended for briquetting and compacting of fine-grained bulk material and also for crushing brittle basic material. Köppern´s range of services is completed by extensive specifically developed test programs and systems for the design of machines and plants. Köppern is specially qualified if materials are hot ( 700 C ), abrasive, or if high capacities are required.
MASCHINENFABRIK MÖLLERS GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C30Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Engineering, Innovations and advanced materialsTotal Solutions from a Single Source Full Line. High Quality since 1952: For 65 years, as opinion leader the Maschinenfabrik Möllers GmbH has been developing and manufacturing machinery and systems for the complete range from material filling, through palletizing and wrapping to loading. On site the Moscow representative Intertec offers a Service-Team . Specialists who exclusively take care of customers in the CIS. The Maschinenfabrik Möllers Group, based in Beckum, Westphalia positions itself as a strategy partner for its customers with a visionary, unique World Class performance concept. In doing so, it relies on the experience, specialist know-how and expertise of around 3000 installations on the world market. With production facilities in Beckum, in the USA and subsidiaries in Russia, Singapore as well as worldwide representatives and representations in all major industrial locations, the Maschinenfabrik Möllerss Group is internationally positioned and is a leader in many of its product lines.
MIXACO (Dr. Herfeld GmbH & Co. KG)GERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Mixers manufactured in Neuenrad (Westphalen, Germany) are sold worldwide under the trademark MIXACO. Our company is a market leader in the development, production and supply of first-class industrial mixing systems for the widest application. Company Dr. Herfeld GmbH & Co. KG KG (legal name) produces industrial mixers, which are successfully used in the following (and not only) industries:
  • Manufacture of plastics
  • Production of paints
  • Chemical industry
  • Manufacture of building materials
  • Food industry More than 4,000 mixers from MIXACO are successfully operating all over the world.
Much of what was originally created by special order of our customers became a quality standard not only for MIXACO mixers, but also for the whole industry. We offer services, we advise our customers on technology and engineering of mixing, and conduct training.
MUDANGJIANG FENGDA CHEMICALS IMP&EXP. CORPCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E68Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
NETZSCHRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D12
NEUMAN&ESSER GmbHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP is a machine-building company founded in 1830. The main specialization is the production of mills and classifiers for the processing of bulk materials. The subdivision of grinding and classification produces equipment of three types: ICM - impact classifier-mill, Pendulum Roller Mill and high-efficiency collectors and classifiers. Most of this equipment is patented, and the solutions are unique. NEA is the world's leading manufacturer of powder coating equipment. At the moment, more than 400 systems around the world operate with NEA.
NINGBO NEW DRAGON INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E66Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, PetrochemistryNingbo New Dragon International Trade Co., Ltd/ New Dragon Co., Ltd is a professional Chinese supplier, specializes in Dyestuffs and Pigments , Pharmaceutical and other chemical products since 1987.
NORMAG LABOR UND PROZESSTECHNIK GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12136Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analytHigh quality manufacturer of wide range of laboratory equipment and components made of borosilicate glass for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for laboratories and scientific centers. NORMAG scope of supply includes standard and special glassware, laboratory and pilot facilities for distillation, rectification, extraction, absorption and stripping, crystallization, as well as agitators, reactors and receivers, heat-exchangers, pressure-type filters, valves, instrumentation and control equipment, accessories and so on. We offer highly professional engineering support for all kind of processes. NORMAG Labor- und Prozesstechnik GmbH equipment and components conform to the quality Made in Germany.
ORASRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A01Startup Chemzone
PALLMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KGGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.PALLMANN company, founded in 1903 as a family enterprise for the production of mills and crushers, is today one of the largest manufacturers of globally known equipment. PALLMANN specializes in grinding and pre-treatment methods and offers the widest range of equipment for grinding various materials - over a thousand models and technologies for industrial areas:
  • Plastics
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mineral raw materials
Currently more than 700 people work in the PALLMANN group of companies around the world: their experience, scientific and technical knowledge ensure the success of our clients. Thanks to the availability of production facilities, subsidiaries, specialized production sites, and representative offices in Europe, North and South America and Asia, qualified service, consultation and support when designing, installing, commissioning and supplying of spare parts are guaranteed for our equipment and systems throughout the world. The trademark "ORIGINAL PALLMANN" stands for traditions of excellent quality.
PELICAN WORLDWIDE B.V.NETHERLANDSPavilion 2/level 2/hall 32365ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, LogisticsPelican Worldwide is an innovative world leader, provider, designer and manufacturer of valves, utilities and sealing solutions for tank container and tank truck industry
POITTEMILL ENGINEERINGFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12111Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Based in Northern France, POITTEMILL has specialized in providing specific powder processing technologies for use in wide-ranging sectors across the globe since 1933
THE POWER OF ENGINEERINGGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B78Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Manufacturer of corrosion resistant equipment made of glass lined steel and borosilicate glass and provider of chemical/pharmaceutical production and acid recovery plants.
PROMINENT GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D32Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Wastewater treatment, conditioning and purificationThe ProMinent Group is a manufacturer of components and systems in the field of fluid metering and water treatment. The key sectors include the chemical industry, industrial water treatment.
QINGDAO RUANG KONG HEAVY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22262Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. PumpsQingdao Ruan Kong heavy industry Co.,Ltd has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing whole-set equipment in chemical, fertilizer, oil refining, steel and thermal power industry.
RENNER GMBH KOMPRESSORENGERMANYMachinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
REACHLAW LTDFINLANDPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323B74ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Green chemistry
RIL INTERNATIONAL LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22284Raw materials and auxillliariesChemistry, PetrochemistryAs a professional supplier for Caustic Soda ,Calcium Chloride Granules 94%min,Sodium Cyanide,Sodium Sulphide Flakes etc,used for anti-ice reagent,gold mining,tannery,textile etc.
RHEWUM GmbHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.The company RHEWUM was founded in 1927 under the name "Rhein Instrument-Machine-Building Plant". For more than 70 years RHEWUM has been developing and manufacturing screening machines for all types of dry and wet screening, conveying channels and optical sorting systems. All RHEWUM screening machines are designed and manufactured in Remscheid on the territory of the company. Due to the fact that the production and design department are on the same territory, we can quickly consider the requests of our customers and implement them without delay. On the territory of RHEWUM there is a testing center, which permits to do trials on all types of our machines with customer materials.
RONGDA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F40
ROUSSELET ROBATEL KROMATONFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F05Machines, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
ROTEXUSA, EUROPE, RUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D72Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
RTD CHEMICALS CO., LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E24
SACHIN INDUSTRIES LTD.INDIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E77Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Plastics Industry Show
Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.CHINA22E38
SHIMADZU EUROPA GMBHGERMANYPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C58Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
SCHRAGE ROHRKETTENSYSTEM GMBH CONVEYING SYSTEMSGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C57Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
SOLEX THERMAL SCIENCE, INCCANADAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F84Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
SWEMA GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D70
SWISS GLASCOAT EQUIPMENTS LTD.INDIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F72Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd. (SGEL) is based in western part of India, specializes in design and manufacturing of Carbon Steel Glass Lined Equipment viz. Reactors, Receivers / Storage Tanks, Dryers, Filters, Columns, Agitators, Valves, Pipes & Fittings. SGEL caters to requirement of leading Pharmaceutical / API, Specialty Chemicals, Dyes / Colours, Agro Chemicals, Food Processing and allied Industries.
TECOFI SASFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12112Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Tecofi SAS, France, is the leading European manufacturer of industrial valves. We offer a wide range of products for different types of industries: chemical industry, petrochemistry, water treatment etc
THALETEC GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12136Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps.Production of the entire range of equipment with highly resistant glass-lined coating for chemical and pharmaceutical industry: reactors, storage tanks, columns, heat exchangers, pressure-type filters, measuring probes, agitators, bottom outlet valves and spare parts, maintenance and repair services as well as reglassings and advice in process engineering. THALETEC products conform to the quality Made in Germany.
Tianjin Chengyi International Trading Co., Limited.CHINA22E43
Tianjin TopGlobal Co.,Ltd.CHINA22E32
TIANJIN YIDEJIACHENG GROUP CO.,LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22287Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, PetrochemistryYidejiacheng Group is multinational company. We deal with chemical raw materials. Product: Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydrosulfite, Sodium Formate, Oxalic Acid, Sodium GLuconate etc.
TIANJIN YADONG LONGXIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22267Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, PetrochemistryTianjin yadong group was founded in 1988,which is dedicated to research,development and production of dyestuff (direct dyes,Nigrosine...etc) and dyestuff intermediate(HA,JA,JAU, TA,STA ..etc)
TOP INDUSTRIEFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12115Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsPetrochemistry, Green ChemistryLeader in High Pressure equipments & autoclaves manufacturing. HP components, reactors, pumps. For R&D labs of chemistry, process engineering, hydrogenation, supercritical fluids, PVT and corrosion.
UNIBROM CORPORATIONCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22256Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastics Industry Show, Wastewater treatment, conditioning sndd purification, CORRUS
VACUUBRAND GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C71
VKG OIL ASESTONIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C77
VMA-GETZMANN GMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C38Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.VMA-GETZMANN is the leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality dispersing systems. The technological unique spectrum of DISPERMAT dissolver and bead mills for application in laboratory, pilot plant and production is really flexible due to the modular design. Furthermore the patented TORUSMILL presents the brilliant combination of dissolver and bead mill in one machine.
XINJIANG TIANYE (GROUP) CO., LTD.CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E46
YUNNAN TIN CO., LTDCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22256Finished products, ServicesPackaging and prepackagingYTCLL is the largest tin production and exportation enterprise. Mainly engaged in production of nonferrous metals and other minerals, deep processing of nonferrous, as well as exploitation.
ZHENJIANG RUNZHOU JINSHAN PACKING FACTORYCHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 22253Finished products, ServicesPackaging and prepackagingOur company is China's first-class professional manufacturer in liquid packaging containersIBC container. We have been approved the China Classification Society Certificate(CCS)of Type Approval .
AVTOMATICARUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A45
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, LLCUSA, GERMANY, JAPANPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C35Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChem-lab-analyt, Software and IT
AKIKORUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E83Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
ALEKO GROUP, LLCVIETNAM, KOREA, RUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222A20Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsPackaging and prepackaging, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastic Industry Show
ALIAXIS UTILITIES & INDUSTRYRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323B80ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
ALCHEMIERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C73Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
ANALIT PRODUCTSRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A50Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
ALVIS KAPROLON, LLCRUSSIARaw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsPlastic Industry Show, Innovations and advanced materials
ART LEVRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323B76Finished products, ServicesPackaging and prepackaging
ASTERIASRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D79Services, Machinery, equipment and instrumentsEngineering, Chemmash. Pumps.
BAZA 1 REAGENTSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C55Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
BALITEHRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C70Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Plastics Industry Show
BALTICA-TRANS LOGISTICSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D31ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, LogisticsTransportation of various types of bulk cargo in own tank-containers by sea, rail and road transport.
BSKRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C33Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
BASHKHIM TDRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C35Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
BELNEFTEKHIMREPUBLIC OF BELARUSPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B30Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
BERICHEVSKIY ZAVOD PROGRESSUKRAINEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E52Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
BERTSCHI MOSCOWRUSSIA,SWITZERLANDPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B115ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
BINA GROUPRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D10Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
BINACOR-HT, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B11
BIOSYSTEMSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F78ServicesChem-lab-analyt
BIOKHIMPRORUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F36Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
BLAGOVESCHENSKIY ARRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B20Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
BLM SYNERGYRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323A70Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
BLOC, NPPRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D15
BONOMI-GPKGERMANY, ITALY, RUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 223D64Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps,
BUSCH VACUUM RUSSIARUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E70Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
VALTEC TRADEJAPANPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E63
WALDNER RUSGERMANYPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C50
VASTECORUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F30Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished products, ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Environment protectionDelivery of industrial chemicals for general purposes and chemicals for cleaning of factory waste. literature, industrial web-portals
VODACO, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C74Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesWastewater treatment, conditioning and purification, Engineering
WORLD CORROSION ORGANIZATION (WCO)USAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12171ServicesCorrusWorld Corrosion Organization aims to facilitate global implementation of best practices in corrosion protection for public welfare. That is achieved through the raising public awareness of corrosion, the identification world best practices for corrosion mitigation, the facilitation of provision of corrosion control expertise, and through the acquisition of sufficient funding to support related programs.
GAMMA PLAST, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222A25Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished products, ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Innovations and advanced materials
HYDROPRO, LLCRUSSIA, USAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E56Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.HydroPro ltd is the Russian service company. For Russian chemical plants we offer a modern technology of heatexchanger's tubes repairing sleeving. Sleeving can be applied to any type of the heatexhanger equipment - condensers, fin fan coolers, evaporators etc. Each tube can be repaired (or protected) by expanding a thin-walled tube (sleeve) over the damaged area or even over the full length of the tube. While there is some loss of thermal transfer efficiency, a sleeved tube does little to diminish the overall effectiveness of the exchanger. It is a viable alternative to tube plugging which is extending heatexchanger life. The sleeving technology is widely used among chemical plants, refinery and power plants all over the world and it is available for Russian companies now. Besides, HydroPro ltd is the only company in Russia, which offers a hydraulic tube expansion field service. Hydraulic expansion is the neoteric replacement to a rolling a classical technology of fixing heatexchanger's tubes in tubesheets. It is the direct application of high pressure (up to 400MPa) fluid within a tube in order to form a tight joint between the tube and the tubesheet.
GNIIChTEOS SSC RFRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12374ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Innovations and advanced materialsThe Stare Scientific Center of the Russian Federation State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds (SSC RF GNIIChTEOS) of the RF Ministry for Industry and Trade was established in 1945. GNIIChTEOS is the development of fundamental and applied research in chemistry, technology and application of tailor-made organoelement materials. Performance of organoelement compounds: serviceability within the temperature range of 100 to +600 0C, weather- and water-resistance, durability, high dielectric properties, physiological inertness and biologic activity, radiation resistance, makes them indispensable in space engineering, aviation, mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical and radio engineering, communication facilities, oil and gas production, construction engineering, medicine, agriculture, household chemistry.
GORMASHEXPORTRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F73Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Wastewater treatment, conditioning and purification
GMP CHEMRESOURSERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C40Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
DELLMECORUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E75Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
DEN HARTOGH LOGYSTICSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222A15ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Logistics
DETHERM THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTY DATABASEGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12171ServicesCorrusThe DETHERM is the largest database of its kind. The database provides thermophysical property data for about 48,300 pure compounds and 144,800 mixtures. DETHERM contains Literature values, together with bibliographical information, descriptors and abstracts. At the time 10.98 million data sets are stored. The database is updated yearly and grows continually with around 8 % per anno. Seamless interfaces are existing to a variety of process simulation and data regression packages.
DIAMRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A90Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
DONCARB GRAFITRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F14Machinery, equipment and instrumentsKhimia, petrochemistry
EUROPUMPSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D12
EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF CORROSION (EFC)GERMANY RUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12171ServicesCorrusThe EFC is a federation of 38 organisations (Member Societies and Affiliate Members) with interests in corrosion based in 25 different countries within Europe and beyond. Taken together, its Member Societies represent the corrosion interests of more than 25,000 engineers and scientists. Founded in 1955, its aim is to advance the science of the corrosion and protection of materials by promoting cooperation in Europe and collaboration internationally. The EFC is registered in Belgium. The EFC accomplishes its most important activities through twenty active working parties devoted to various aspects of corrosion and its prevention. Important benefits available to EFC Member Societies include the opportunity to nominate candidates for the numerous EFC Awards. They can also appoint two voting members to each EFC Working Party and nominate candidates for the election to the Board of Administrators, and more.
EUROTECRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E07
ETCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C30Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
ZAVKOMRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D73Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Engineering
ZAVKOM ENGINEERING, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D73Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Engineering
ZAVOD PRESS-FORM KALUZHSKIY, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E79Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
ZAVOD SINTANOLOVRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E73Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
ZIRAXRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F12Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
SULZER PUMPSBELGIUM, GERMANY, IRELAND, SPAIN, CHINA, FINLAND, SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLICPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E53Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
ILMARUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121A20
IMMUG ENGINEERING, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C83Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Engineering
INDAS RTI, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F55Finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
INTEK ANALYTICS, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F62Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
INFOTEK BALTICA M, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D36ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
INFRASPECRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181D42
IREA,RUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 12364Raw and auxilliary materials, finished products, servicesChemistry, Petrochemistryy, Innovations and advanced materialsThe State Scientific research institute of chemical reagents and high purity chemical substances.
IRCOM ROSSSERVICERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B70
FAZAZOTKAZAKHSTANPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D80Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
KAZANORGSINTEZRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B12Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
KAZFOSFATKAZAKHSTANPavilion 2/level 2/hall 223D80Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
KALUGA MOULDS PLANT, LLCRUSSIAMachinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Plastic Industry Show
KATALIZATOR SKTBRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D70
KAUCHUK I REZINA, EDITIONRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsKautchuk i Resina, the only Russian journal for rubber science and technology was founded in 1927. Besides original papers there are reviews, reports about new books in Russia and abroad, information about international and Russian conferences and exhibitions as well as translation of papers of some foreign authors in the journal. Special attention is paid to information about the rubber and tire plants and other companies producing elastomer materials and goods. Ecological problems of rubber industry as well as problems connected with the use of waste materials are under consideration.
CHEMPARTNERSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F46Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
KOELGAMRAMOR, RUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C70Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
COLLUMBUS McKINNONRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F32Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
CONSTANTA-2, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F63Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry, CORRUS
COPERION, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D72Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.Worldwide market and technology leader in the areas of compounding & extrusion, feeding & weighing as well as bulk material handling we offer all business activities along the process chain combined with comprehensive services.
KRATARUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D32Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
KRIKONNETHERLANDSPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C42ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Transportation and storage
CHRISTOFRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C12ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
KUYVYSHEVAZOTRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C15Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
QBEX LOGYSTICSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D20ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
LABTEHRUSSIA, CHINA, GERMANYPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C55Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChem-lab-analyt, Designing, assembling, operation and maintenance service
LOIPRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D95Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
LAMEL-777REPUBLIC OF BELARUSPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222A85
LAKOKRASOCHNAYA PROMYSHLENNOSTRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsEstablished in 2006 as an independent Publishing House, OOO LKM-Press serves the needs of the national paint and coatings industry by being currently involved in the following activities: publishing Lakokrasochnaya Promyshlennost - a technical trade magazine for paint and coatings professionals, publishing research and technical books on paint and coatings technology, surveying the market (market research) and completing short (in the journal) and wide reports (annually, available in English for purchasing from LKM-Press), and extending assistance and info-support to the companies participating in the international events in Russia and abroad.
LANTAN, TECHNOLOGY CENTERRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E80Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
LAUDA VOSTOKRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A60
LG AUTOMATICA, PNF, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E52Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
LESOKHIMIKRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D55
LOMMERSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D14
VSELUG, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222A10Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemistry, Petrochemistry
MELYTEC, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C13Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
META CHROM, NPF, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C75Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
MZL ENGINEERINGRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F75Machines, equipment and instruments; ServicesChemmash. Pumps; Services
MILLABRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E55Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
MINIMED, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A65Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
MITO PKPRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E110Raw and auxiliary materials,Machinery, equipment and instruments, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry, CORRUS
MODULRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222E115ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
NANOMATERIALSRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A06Startup Chemzone
NEVATORGGERMFNY, CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F56Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, PetrochemistrySupply of high-pure metals and metal chemicals, rare-eath oxides, chemical reagents and equipment for pharmaceutical productions.
NEO CHEMICALRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D15Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
NEOHIMRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E70Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
OILGASCHEMCO LTDRUSSIARaw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
NEFTECHEMMASHRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E32Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
NEW SOLUTIONSRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A04Startup Chemzone
NIZHEKAMSKNEFTEKHIMRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B15Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
NIOPIKRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E75Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry,
NOVOTROITSK PLANT OF CHROMIUM COMPOUNDS, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C63Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, PetrochemistryJSC NPCC is stably working plant, constantly developing production and perfecting technologies by means of contributing significant funds into technical retrofitting.
NPK MEDIANA-FILTER, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C10Machinery, equipment and instrumentsGreen Chemistry
GESELLSCHAFT FÜR KORROSIONSSCHUTZ E.V. (GfKORR)GERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12171ServicesCorrusGfKORR organizes numerous events (congresses and meetings) on corrosion protection issues, manages selected national programs to support research in the field of corrosion as well as manages information flows on related issues. Members of GfKORR are bodies of both industry and academia, and also individuals.
DECHEMA RESEARCH INSTITUTE, DFIGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 12171Services, Finished productsCorrusDECHEMA Research Institute is an independent non-for-profit research entity active in the fields of material science, chemical engineering, and biotechnology. Over 80 researchers are currently working at the institute. We offer, for example, material- and corrosion-related research on demand, which ranges from the new development of materials and protective measures to the damage investigation. Besides chemical engineering the development in molecular biology and bioprocess engineering is also taking place. So the boundaries to the disciplines of electrochemistry, chemical engineering and materials science could be bridged for the unconventional solutions.
OKACHIM, LLCGERMANY, CHINA, RUSSIA, FRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C75Raw and auxiliary materials, ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Transportationa and storage
OKSIHIMRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C51Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastics Industry Show
OMK, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B20Machinery, equipment and instruments, Finished productsChemmash. PumpsOMK plays a critical role in the development of industrial production. Our work determines the development of metallurgy, a key sector of the economy.
OSTEC-ARTTOOL, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A40Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Engineering
PUMPUNION, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D74ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
1st FLUOROPOLYMER PLANT, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E78Machinery, equipment and instruments, Finished products, ServicesChemmash. Pumps,Plastics Industry Show, Engineering
PI-VACUUM, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E75Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
PIONEER TRADE, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 32356Raw and auxiliary materials; finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry; Plastics Industry Show
PISHCHMASKSERVICERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F66Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
PKF GALREACHIM, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F90Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
PLAZVAKRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C60Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
PLASTICSRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsPLASTIS: plastics processing industry is the informative and analytical edition about polymers technologies, raw materials, equipment, plastic products, polymer market. A full color edition of not less than 76 pages, 4000 copies circulation, issued 12 times a year.
POLYMER MATERIALS, MAGAZINERUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsPolymer Materials. Produts, Equipment, Technologies Magazine is a monthly edition for managers and a wide circle of professionals working in the plastic industry.
POLIMECHRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D70
POLYOFITRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A05
PRIMECHEMICALSGROUP, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C53Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
PREDPRIYATIE USTOYCHIVOGO RAZVITIYARUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A03Startup Chemzone
ARKEMA FRANCEFRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D70Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
YOUBUYFRANCERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E10ServicesServices
PROLIV, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B77ServicesTransportation and storage
PROMTEXRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121A50
PROMCHEMSETRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F55Raw materials and auxillliaries;Finished productsChemistry, petrochemistry
PROFESSIYA, EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS CENTERRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsPublishing of quality professional technical books written by Russian and foreign authors in the sphere of technology and polymers conversion, analytical chemistry and petrochemistry and other areas.
PROCESSENGINEERING, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E36Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
PAINT-MEDIARUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsPublisher of Russian Coatings Journal on raw materials and technology for paints and coatings production. Organizes conferences, seminars, customer events on request, publishes books on coatings.
RANTA, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E34Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
RATION, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B01Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, CORRUS
REATORG, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E74Raw and auxiliary materials; Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemistry, Petrochemistry
REATEX, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323C80Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
REMMA INTERNATIONAL, JSCRUSSIA, GERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D83Raw and auxiliary materials, finished products,Machinery, equipment and instrumentsCORRUS, Services (Engineering)JSC REMMA international, an agency of REMA TIP TOP AG, Germany, offers individualized complete solutions in the field of industrial corrosion protection combined with qualified service. A wide range of high-quality modern materials ensures reliable equipment protection in mining, chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas industry against corrosion, exposure of chemically active media, abrasive wear and sticking. We offer protective rubber coatings, spray polycarbamide coatings; coatings based on synthetic resins; ceramic facing.
RECHITSKIY FARFOROVIY ZAVODRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C32Finished productsChem-lab-analyt, Chemistry, Petrochemistry
RESILICARUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D77
ROBELL TECHNOLOGYRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C68
PROSCHEMREAKTIVRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B50Machinery, equipment and instruments; raw materials and auxiliariesChem-lab-analyt
ROSSHELFRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C75ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
RUD RUSSLANDRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E50Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
RUZKHIMMASH, RM RAILRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B41Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Enginering
RUSREDMET, NPK, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D50Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Enginering
RUSTOKS, LLCCHINA, RUSSIA, TURKEYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F82Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, PetrochemistryRUSTOX is the leading distributor of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in Russia countries. The goods are shipped from modern warehouses in Novorossiysk and St. Petersburg. Rustoks offers technical solutions for various branches of the chemical industry.
RUSHIMSETRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D37Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
SAPPHIRERUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B01
SBK, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C20Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
SEVAL, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D34Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
SEVERHIMPROM, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F95Raw and auxiliary materialsGreen Chemistry, Khimia, Petrochemistry
SYGM PLUS ENGINEERINGRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F42Machinery, equipment and instrumentsGreen Chemistry, Khimia, 'Chemistry, PetrochemistryMeters and controllers of mass flow and pressure of gases and liquids. Features products: Mass flow meters and controllers in the ranges from 0-1mln/min up to 0-11000m3n/h for gases and from 0-30mg/h up to 0-20kg/h for liquids; turbine flowmeters from 1-13l/min up to 3000-60000l/min for liquids pressure meters, controllers and switches; gas dryers and purifiers; gas delivery systems. Analytical equipment: first-hand and refurbished.
SIMEX, NPF, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B08Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
SNOLTERM, LLCLITHUANIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181A25Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
SOCTRADE LAB, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F16Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
SOLAN-D, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121A35Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, , Enginering
SOLVAY VOSTOK, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B70Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
SOLVENTISBELGIUMPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D80Petrochemical industry, Raw materials for chemical industryChemistry, PetrochemistrySolventis is one of the largest European producers of Antifreeze, Brake Fluids and Aircraft de-icing fluids as well as a major supplier of Solvents. We operate a state-of-the-art terminal in the port of Antwerp with storage tanks, drumming lines and production facilities for the above mentioned products.
SPECTRANTARUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B05
SPEKTRONIKA, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C90Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
SPEKTR CHEM,LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323D62Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Chem-lab-analyt
SPETSNEFTPRODUCT, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D72Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
SPETZPLAST GROUP, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F97Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry,Plastics Industry ShowCompany SpetzPlast group LLC is working in the field of secondary recovery properties of polymers and the creation of engineering plastics for many years. Generally our activity includes the development and production of glass and talc filled compositions with a base made ​​of polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA66 , PA6 ) . Nowadays the production capacity of our company is able to ensure the production of polymer composite materials up to 500 tons / month. Our team is high quality engineers, PhDs, who have many years experience on special topics in the leading research institutes of industry such as plastics Research Institute, Research Institute of fiberglass, Institute of Polymer Materials. The results of our research are protected by copyright certificates of USSR and patents of Russian Federation. Our company is ready to accept orders for the development and production of composite polymeric materials. With us you can get both services related to granulation and modification of the main types of polymer materials and services connected with recycling of customer-owned raw materials.
SPECTRANSGARANT, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B40ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
STALTARUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F75
STANKOPOLIMERRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D70
STR, LLCRUSSIA, CHINAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B01Machinery, equipment and instruments, Finished products, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Plastics Industry Show
TANK-CONTAINER SERVICERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323F53ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, LogisticsThe only tank-container depots network in Russian Federation introducing standards in service industry.
TECSA, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222C80Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
TERRITORIYA NEFTEGASRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsThe Territoriya NEFTEGAS Journal is a monthly edition. The main readers of the journal are managers, both junior and senior, working for the enterprises of gas-and-oil producing industry of Russia as well as petrochemical industry.$ZLThe main idea of the Journal is informing the readers about new tendencies in the output of new oil-and-gas production equipment and the new technologies on the whole in oil-and-gas industry.
TEHLABTERM, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B70
TEHSOVETRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portals
TEFOSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121E32Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
TECHNOLFILTER NPP, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E60Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
TIRIT, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F01Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER, Tomsk State UniversityRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F10ServicesEngineering
TOTAL VOSTOKRUSSIA, FRANCEPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B76Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastics Industry Show, Green Chemistry, Innovations and advanced materials
UNICHIMTEKRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D74Finished products, ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry, Engineering, Consulting
UNICHEMTRADERUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E62
URALACTIV, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F96Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
URALKALIY, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B10Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
URALCHEMRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B10Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
URAL CHEMICAL PLANTRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E53
PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY, MAGAZINERUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portals
PHARMCONTRACT, GCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B65Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
FIR GROUP, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F34Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
PHOSAGRO, JSCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C10Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
HEIDOLPH RUS, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B90Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
HARKE RUS, LLCRUSSIA, GERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D77Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
HIMAGREGAT-MEDIARUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsHimagregaty is a chemical equipment and technology magazine. Our subscribers are large enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry, metallurgy, energy, nuclear industry.
HIMALYANS GK, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B05Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
CHEM-COURIERRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portals; Consulting, researchChem-Courier is a major informational and analytical agency in the CIS. We are being an independent expert in the sphere of economical information in CIS chemical sector for over 20 years and study the main markets: petrochemical, LHG, fertilizers production, polymers and coatings, tyres and alkali.
CHEMLABRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C90
CHIMMED TH, LLCGERMANY, CHINA, USA, RUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B25Machinery, equipment and instruments, Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished products, ServicesChem-lab-analyt, Services
CHEMPACKRUSSIA, EUROPE, ASIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B33Raw and auxiliary materials, Finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry, Plastics Industry Show, Wastewater treatment, conditioning sndd purification, CORRUS
CHEMTECHOLOGIYA, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D76Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChemmash. Pumps, Engineering
HAIHUA RUS, LLCRUSSIA, CHINAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C15Raw and auxiliary materialsChemistry, Petrochemistry
CWETRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D75Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
PROFESSIARUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121D97
CEMENT AND ITS APPLICATIONS, JOURNALRUSSIAServicesSpecialized literature, industrial web-portalsThe magazine with almost 115-year history covers problems associated with the production and use of cement. The magazine is certified by the State Attestation Commission, distributed in Russia and abroad. Published every two months.
SCHADE LAGERTECHNIK HMBHGERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121B51Mining and chemical industry, mineral raw materialsChemistry, PetrochemistrySHADE LAGERTECHNIK GMBH (AUMUND Group) ranks among the world leading suppliers of bulk material stockyards and blending bed technology for all major industries.
SCHAG, ZAORUSSIAMachinery, equipment and instruments; ServicesGreen chemistryDevelopment of supercritical fluid (SCF) technologies in Russia. Supply of equipment. Technical support of SCF projects. Development of SCF technologies. Publication of the Supercritical Fluids journal.
EVONIKRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B43Raw and auxiliary materials, finished productsChemistry, Petrochemistry
EKATO RUS, LLCRUSSIA, GERMANYPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121F52Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps, Chemistry, Petrochemistry
EKO FILTER NPP, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222B120Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
ECOHIM, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181B45Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt
EKSELENTS, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323E76Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
EXIM CARGO TRADE, LLCRUSSIA, CHINA, ITALYPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181D80Machinery, equipment and instruments, Finished productsChem-lab-analyt, Plastics Industry show
EXSIFRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 222D30ServicesChemistry, Petrochemistry
ELEMENT TK, LLCGERMANY, USA, TAIWAN, JAPANPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C63Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChem-lab-analyt, Industrial biotechnologies
EMEC RUSSIA, LLCRUSSIAMachinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
EMISRUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181C30
MSH TECHNO, LLCRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 121C72Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.MSH Techno is the Russian service company that works in the markets of industrial and laboratory vacuum equipment, semiconductor industry equipment, analytical equipment, and technological compressor equipment. We provide the following services to our clients: equipment and spare parts sales, service maintenance, selection of equipment and technological consulting.
UVSRUSSIAPavilion 2/level 2/hall 323B36Machinery, equipment and instrumentsChemmash. Pumps.
, RUSSIAPavilion 8/level 2/hall 181D82Machinery, equipment and instruments, ServicesChem-lab-analyt